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Septic System

Over 20 million American households have a Septic System

Septic Systems

Septic Systems are still in wide use across the United States and Michigan for individuals living in rural areas.  In effect, it’s your own onsite wastewater treatment facility.  These systems are used by both residential homeowners as well as businesses that don’t have access to city sewer systems.  

VOSS Septic has installed hundreds of systems across West Michigan.  We do professional installations and proudly stand behind our work. 

Common Types of Septic Systems in West Michigan

Septic Tank Installation

VOSS Septic has been installing Septic Tanks and entire systems since 1948 in West Michigan.  We manufacture our own concrete septic tanks which range in size from 600 to 1,250 gallons of capacity.

These tanks will last 25-40 years if maintained properly and pumped every 2-3 years over its lifespan.  Pumping your tank is the single most important aspect of maintenance as it ensures the tank doesn’t overfill and began sending solid waste into your drain field.   

Types of Installations we do:

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Custom Concrete Septic Tanks

VOSS Septic can fabricate a custom-built concrete tank for your home or business application.  We take our pre-made forms and customize them based on the size & placement your installation / replacement may require.

Concrete Septic Tank Sizes

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Septic tank Installations

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Leach Fields

Leach fields, also called septic drain fields, are typically a series of chambers or gravel filled trenches where wastewater is naturally treated as it percolates through the soil.

VOSS Septic has been operating in West Michigan for years and we know the soil types and the best type of drain field for your location.  We install new residential & commercial drain fields and will take care of any permits required.

Types of Leach / Drain Fields:

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Catch Basins

VOSS Septic also can design and install parking lot catch basins &  storm drains for your commercial property.  Our team performs new installations as well as troubleshooting & repairs as required.

Benefits include:

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Aerobic Septic Systems

VOSS Septic has partnered with SludgeHammer, based in Petoskey Michigan, to provide an aerobic septic system solution.

Aerobic septic systems introduce oxygen into your septic tank which assists nature in returning a cleaner wastewater into your drain fields.  This solution is considered to be a more environmental-friendly option and can also extend the life of your drain fields.

SludgeHammer systems can be installed new or into any existing septic system.  Call VOSS Septic today at (616) 396-8344 to see if a SludgeHammer system might be the right option for you.

VOSS Septic System | SludgeHammer

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Whether it's building a new septic system, repairing an existing one, or doing some excavation & hauling for you, trust VOSS Septic to help! We proudly do both Residential & Commercial jobs.

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