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Septic Tank Service & Repair

Helping You Maintain Your Septic System

Septic Tank Service & Repair

Residential & Commercial Septic Systems will need occasional maintenance & repair in order to keep them operating efficiently.

Septic Systems live their entire lives underground, out of sight, and many times home & business owners forget they even exist until problems arise.  Unfortunately, if you are experiencing foul odors, clogged plumbing, or visable signs of water outside, call VOSS Septic and we will help diagnose the issue.

First Signs of Potential Issues with your Septic System

This is one of the first signs a home or business owner may experience.  You may also hear gurgling noises in your plumbing system which are new & unusual.

This is usually a sign your drain field may be failing or clogged.  Unusually strong odors near the location of the drainfield typically means untreated wastewater is seeping into the soil and gases from the decomposition process is escaping to the surface.

This is another visual sign your drain field may be failing or clogged.  Septic wastewater (effluent) can act as a strong fertilizer due to the concentration of dissolved phosphate & nitrate.  The green patches of grass could be just a leak but can also indicate advanced drain field failure.

If you see pooled water at the surface of the yard or dampness even during dry weather, this is another visual sign your drain field may be failing or clogged.  When drain fields fail, there is simply no place for the untreated wastewater to go.   

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Septic System Tips & Advice

Leach Field Repair

Leach fields (commonly referred to as drain fields) are an important part of any septic system.   It’s main purpose is to allow wastewater from your home or business to naturally be filtered as it returns to the soil.  Call VOSS Septic to assist in troubleshooting your issue today at (616) 396-8344.

Pooling water, soggy green patches of grass, and foul odors are signs your drain field is having issues & not operating at 100%.  Unfortunately, issues with the drain field can be due to heavy equipment or vehicles driving over your septic system, tree roots infiltrating the system, the overall age of your system, or simply not having your septic tank pumped on a regular basis.  

Aerobic Septic Systems

Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS), more commonly called Aerobic Septic Systems introduce oxygen into the wastewater treatment process.

Conventional Septic Systems depend upon anaerobic (unoxygenated) bacteria to decompose & separate waste.  This unoxygenated bacteria flows into your drain field and over time builds up and restricts or stops the natural filtering process.  In the past, this forced home & business owners to build or replace drain fields at a costly price.

VOSS Septic is a proud dealer of SludgeHammer.  This systems can be retrofitted into your existing septic system and simply introduces oxygen and their own proprietary blend bacteria.  Your existing septic tank will consume & digest organic waste more efficiently and ultimately send cleaner water into your drain fields.   SludgeHammer can extend and even revitalize your existing drain field.  Call us today at (616) 396-8344.


Making Septic Tank Solutions more environmental-friendly. Simply put, it treats the wastewater more efficiently and stops the creation of biomat in your drain field.

SludgeHammer has also been proven to revitalize failed drain fields over time.

Septic Tank Repair

Septic tanks are susceptible to cracking and then leaking as they age which can lead to lush green patches oddly appearing in your yard.  

VOSS Septic performs repair on septic tanks and can easily assist in determining if your tank has cracked, deteriorated, or needs to be replaced.  

Common Septic Tank Issues:

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